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About NovoLabs

NovoLabs is a New Zealand based company at the forefront of UV disinfection. Our Mission is simple: Cleaner Water Cheaper. To offer products and services to operators of water and wastewater treatment systems to save them money and make their lives easier.

One of the many defining factors for NovoLabs is the novel Supercritical UV technology allowing NovoLabs to offer UV solutions to clients where UV systems were previously not viable.

The supercritical UV concept originated from Professor Andrew Shilton (The Inventor) and was developed in conjunction with Massey University. With Professor Andrew Shilton at the helm, the supercritical technology has undergone multiple developments and prototypes. At the end of 2019 the first commercial SCUV unit was built, capable of treating 3,000,000 L of wastewater per day. It was at this point NovoLabs spun out of Massey University.

NovoLabs has a nimble team of experts ready to help you with your disinfection requirements. The NovoLabs team strongly believe that by working together with the client to fully understand the entire problem will result in the best solution for everyone involved. Check out the team below and make contact with us so we can work together to solve your problems.


The Team

Highly qualified technical staff that can focus on what you need


Dr Matthew Sells

Chief Operating Officer

Matt runs the operational side of NovoLabs with a keen focus on helping industries tackle disinfection problems.

Matt has a Process Engineering background. He completed his Bachelor of Environmental Engineering before going on to conduct a PhD at Massey University focused on small scale wastewater treatment systems.


Prof Andy Shilton

Managing Director

Andy is the inventor of the supercritical UV technology.

Andy, a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand, has over 25 years of experience ranging from design/build of full-scale pollution control systems to mechanistic environmental research. Andy worked as a consultant engineer in New Zealand and England before returning to Massey University. 


Mark Kiely

Engineering Manager

Mark heads up the manufacturing side of NovoLabs. He is the lead engineer in charge of design and build of the supercritical UV solutions.

Mark has significant experience in manufacturing and design in industry and backs this up with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics.